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National Cancer Institute: Connect for Cancer Prevention Study

Connect For Cancer Prevention Study

The Connect for Cancer Prevention Study wants to better understand the causes of cancer and how to prevent it. [IHCS] is one of nine health care systems throughout the country to partner with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), for Connect. The study will include 200,000 adults who get their health care from a partner health care system, are between 40 and 65 years old at enrollment, and have never had cancer. People who have or once had non-melanoma skin cancer, or a condition that raises the risk of getting cancer (such as DCIS, or stage 0 breast cancer), can still join.

Participants will be asked to answer online health surveys, donate samples of blood, urine, and saliva, and share access to their electronic health records. This information will help researchers study the health and behavior patterns that may affect cancer risk. It takes time to understand the causes of cancer, so Connect will go on for many years. The longer you participate, the more we may learn.

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