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Hsien-Lin Hsieh, MS

Lead Data Analyst
Hsien-Lin Hsieh

Hsien-Lin Hsieh focuses on virtual data warehouse (VDW) for KPGA research. VDW is an integrated database of KPGA’s membership and clinical data sourced from multiple database systems including Oracle, Teradata, Sybase and Microsoft SQL. Hsien-Lin plays a key role in creating and maintaining data tables. Additionally, he participates in the development of new content areas, testing and validating ETL process and running queries at the request of research projects. Prior to KPGA, Hsien-Lin was a research fellow at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention while pursuing his PhD degree in statistics at the University of Georgia.

Master’s degree in Economics, State University of New York at Buffalo
Bachelor’s degree in Transportation Management, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

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